The Show: Every time we meet we play hide and seek

It’s taken a little over 11 months but The Herb Whisperer has finally managed to watch his first complete film of 2020 – Steve McQueen’s “Lovers Rock”. Admittedly, it’s only 70 minutes long so it wasn’t much of a stretch.  Plus 10 of those 70 minutes were comprised of just one song, the extended (then a cappella) version of Janet Kay’s “Silly Games” that closes today’s show

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 12 December 2020

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • THE COMET IS COMING – Imminent (featuring Joshua Idehen)
  • PVA  –  Exhaust / Surroundings (Girl Band / Daniel Fox Remix)
  • BACKHUS & FERNANDO PICON  –  Dirty Sexy Freak (Original Mix)
  • NAZAR  –  2 African Sickos (featuring Citizen Boy)
  • THE REVOLUTIONARIES  –  Kunta Kinte (Dub Plate Mix)

[PINK SIIFU & FLY ANAKIN  –  Black Bitches Matter Hoe Skit]

  • DRY CLEANING  –  Scratchcard Lanyard
  • PINK SIIFU & FLY ANAKIN  –  Razberry
  • حبيبي فنك SHARHABEEL AHMED  –  Argos Farfish
  • THE LOUNGE SOCIETY  –  Burn The Heather


  • NO ONE KNOWS WHO DID THIS  –  Tortillas
  • PILLOW QUEENS  –  Holy Show
  • QUAKERS  –  Hit List (featuring Cazeaux O.L.S.O)
  • YARD ACT  –  Peanuts
  • THIS HEEL  –  Black Hole
  • GOD’S WONDERFUL RAILWAY  –  Hazelnuts In March
  • AUGENWASSER  –  Antennas
  • PINK SIIFU & FLY ANAKIN  –  Richard Pryor
  • MIRRORS  –  Shirley
  • HAIKU HANDS  –  Suck My Cherry
  • CHUBBY AND THE GANG  –  Speed Kills
  • MRS DINK  –  Wouldn’t You Like 2 B A Pepper 2
  • SHO MADJOZI  –  Jamani
  • GIRL IN RED  –  Two Queens In A King Sized Bed

[PINK SIIFU & FLY ANAKIN  –  One Hit Moo Skit]

  • QUAKERS  –  Fa Real (featuring Jeru The Damaja)
  • STRAIGHT GIRL  –  Limón
  • TAFI & GREEN DOOR ALLSTARS  –  Diloeshutubui
  • WITCH EGG  –  Greener Pools
  • SLEAFORD MODS  –  Shortcummings

[PINK SIIFU & FLY ANAKIN  –  Pick Up TF Phone Skit]

  • MARIKA HACKMAN  –  In Undertow
  • DIGITAL SEX  –  Point Of Light
  • JANET KAY  –  Silly Games (Lovers Rock Version)*

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: You’re Gonna Miss Me

Unfortunately, this is the second eulogy show in a row. Last week’s dedicated to Mark Banfield, this week’s dedicated to Roky Erickson.

We do have to acknowledge the source of the clips stitching today’s playlist together – so a big thank you to Larry Grogan and his “Testify! Pays Tribute to Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators” radio show.

Direct download: The Joint – 15 June 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • LONELADY – Cries And Whispers
  • GIRL BAND – Shoulderblades
  • !!! – Off The Grid
  • FRANKIE BONES – Just As Long As I Got You  (Club Mix)
  • CARDI B – Press
  • BAS – Fried Rice (Featuring Jid)
  • BLANCK MASS – House Vs. House

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – Bull Of The Woods Radio Commercial (1969)

  • DENZEL CURRY – P.A.T. (featuring PlayThatBoiZay)
  • VIVIANKRIST – Blue Iron
  • ORIELLES, THE – Bobbi’s Second World (Live @ Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2019)
  • ZÉ DA LUA – Ulungu Wami (The Busy Twist Remix)
  • DEATH AND VANILLA – A Flaw In The Iris
  • AMBER MARK – What If
  • JK FLESH – In Your Pit (The Bug Remix)
  • DENZEL CURRY – Birdz (Featuring Rick Ross)

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – American Bandstand Interview (1966)

  • JONES, THE – Hey Mina (Foul)
  • FROTH – 77
  • FELICIA ATKINSON – Moderato Cantabile
  • $TAR$EED – Life And Time$ Of A Dalla$ Drug Dealer
  • WIVES – Workin’
  • SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – Thankful N’ Thoughtful

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – Larry Kane Show (1967)

  • LEGENDURY BEATZ X MR EAZI – Zanku Leg Riddim (Mr Real Version)
  • GRACE IVES – Mirror
  • POSTHUMAN – Airwave Uranium
  • GIRL IN RED – Dead Girl In The Pool.
  • TEI SHI – A Kiss Goodbye
  • BLUE GAS – Shadows From Nowhere (Manu•archeo There Are Shadows Because There Are Hills Extended Edit)

The Show: Game over


Greetings friends, family, whānau.

Today is our last show before we head off on an indefinite sabbatical. Other commitments mean we need to take a break for a while.

The Joint first broadcast on RDU way back in July 2001 when the frequency was still 98.3FM. We started out on Sunday afternoons but after a while switched to Saturday afternoons. The reasons are lost in the mists of time.

By our really rough and unscientific calculations we reckon we’ve done 665 shows so far. That makes this final show today episode number 666. Not a shabby effort really. To put that in some completely unrelated context Ryan Giggs made 672 league appearances for Manchester United and David O’Leary made 558 league appearance for Arsenal.

Thank you for all your kind messages via Facebook, Twitter and the RDU text machine. It was a blast.

To paraphrase and plagiarise James Murphy…

Yeah, we lost our edge
The kids came up from behind
We lost our edge to the kids
From France and from London
And from Christchurch
But we were there
We lost our edge to better-looking people
With better ideas and more talent
And they’re actually really, really nice

Ka kite ano
The Herb Whisperer & Fraserhead

Direct download: The_Joint_2016-04-09-12-16.mp3

Here’s the playlist in full…

The Show: Marimba Jive

And here’s the playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-09-12-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

Podcast Bonus

The show: Why don’t you just quit iPhone

If Mark E Smith isn’t enough to warn you of the perils of iPhones then maybe Girl Band might convince you of the dangers of working in children’s television?

And here’s the playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-08-08-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

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