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The Show: Random Acts Of Flyness


Direct download: The Joint – 6 October 2018

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • BOBBIE GENTRY  –  Fancy
  • TOY  –  The Willo
  • MAARJA NUUT & RUUM  –  Haned Kadunud
  • FIDLAR  –  Too Real
  • SLEAFORD MODS  –  Stick In A Five And Go
  • GAIKA  –  Crown & Key
  • TOM DEMAC & REAL LIES  –  White Flowers (Edit)
  • GEOWULF  –  Drink Too Much
  • BOY AZOOGA  –  Face Behind Her Cigarette

[Random Acts Of Flyness – BBHMM]

The Sesh – Burial and Kode9 – Exclusive Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs

  • Eternal Basement – Woy
  • Orca – 4am
  • Acen – Trip To The Moon 1 & 2
  • DJ Biz – Losing Track Of Time
  • RJ – You Are My Destiny
  • Sleep Research Facility – Stealth 4
  • Speedy J – Terre Zippy
  • Section X – Galaxian
  • Battle Of The Future Buddhas – The Other Way Around
  • Chi AD – When The Effect Came
  • DJ Phil – Godz House
  • JLin – Annotation
  • DJ Hank – Be Happy
  • Fulltono – Baby Je Kajoo
  • Danny Breaks – Dropping Science Vol 1 ( Phillip D Kick Edit )
  • Scratchclart – Drm Walk
  • DJ Lag – Gqomwav
  • Sophie – Faceshopping

[Random Acts Of Flyness – White Be Gone]

  • ELLA FITZGERALD  –  When I Get Low I Get High
  • AFLACKO  –  Loyal
  • ADRIANNE LENKER  –  Symbol
  • DELISH DA GODDESS  –  Hot Girl #1
  • CODEK  –  Tim Toum
  • 6LACK, J. COLE  –  Pretty Little Fears
  • GALLANT  –  Toogoodtobetrue (Featuring Sufjan Stevens & Rebecca Sugar)
  • CLARK  –  Piano E.C.S.T.
  • DODOS, THE  –  SW3
  • LUDDITES  –  Doppelganger
  • MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI  –  How To Hate You Without H?
  • JESSE RAE  –  Umhlaba Jikelele

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.


The Show: Mono versus stereo

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm 

+ Download 12pm – 1pm [85MB]

1pm – 2pm 

+ Download 1pm – 2pm [86MB]

This show accompanied by: Lagavulin 16 year old single malt

The Show: Making the cut

A lot of stuff didn’t. Not for quality control reasons mind. Too much music and not enough time.

Have a look at the excess we had over on The Ones That Got Away Spotify playlist. (Un)fortunately those reworkings of Roxy Music in a 20’s jazz style aren’t available in NZ and that truly bizarre Estonian Eurovision contender is YouTube only…

This is a heavily edited show – we had to cut out chunks of audio because of a dodgy microphone and, more impressively, interference caused by the transmitter overheating in the blazing Canterbury sun. Global warming my arse.

And here’s the actual playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

+ Download 12pm – 1pm [102MB]

1pm – 2pm

+ Download 1pm – 2pm [87MB]

This show accompanied by: Lagavulin 16 year old single malt

The show: Remembrance of things past

Seems we’re playing some real throwbacks today. And bands that want to sound like throwbacks (looking at you Giuda and Eternal Tapestry). Which is a good thing if it means that sifty psychedelia and Krautrock is making a welcome resurgence (not that it’s ever really gone away).

If you want a really good sifty psychedelic time then be sure to have a peep below at Shacklock Meth Party‘s dirty video for “This Is My Shit, Gwen”.

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

+ Download 12pm – 1pm – 84MB

1pm – 2pm

+ Download 1pm – 2pm – 78MB