The Show: My friends are all there, The twinks and the bears, Down those spiral stairs…

In which Fraserhead does things a little bit differently today by starting off with the slow, slow, slow burners and builds up to the bangers at the end, with all sorts in between…

The new Ben Woods album PUT is finally out next Wednesday, and on white vinyl no less. I thought Mr. Woods’ single ROMANCY from earlier this year was going to be my favourite track of 2019 but I didn’t count on hearing another gentle lullaby in the form of GOOD 2 BE SLEEPING. How can you not love a song with the lyric “My friends are all there, The twinks and the bears, Down those spiral stairs…”?

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 12 October 2019

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • BORIS – Away From You
  • TRENTEMØLLER – Cold Comfort (feat. Rachel Goswell)
  • CHROMATICS – On The Wall
  • CURSES – Sordo
  • ZANE 2000 – Mansions of Wickedness
  • BLACK RAIN – City of Atomic Ghost
  • OLYMPIA – Flamingo
  • SUSAN – Haha
  • ULTRAVIOLET – Primeval
  • NECRUM SELECT – House Of Jazz
  • IRIE MONA – Lovers Chalice
  • SUI ZHEN – Being A Woman
  • SHARI VARI – New York City
  • JENNY HVAL – Six Red Cannas (feat. Vivian Wang, Félicia Atkinson, and Laura Jean)
  • ANTHONY ROTHER – Tokyo Principle
  • LEMMI ASH – Lemmi Ash Theme
  • CHEVALS – Left Behind
  • DIE ORANGEN – Sonne
  • AUTOMATIC – Strange Conversations

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: I think you owe us $750

How did we miss this psychedelic goodness first time round? JAINS MIND aka Jack Swain released the From Nowhere EP back in March. Here’s his secret…

I recorded the whole thing in a little living room in a little blue house near the beach in Christchurch just after we first moved in, we had no wifi for a few months so it was really easy to just focus on music, doing it for hours and hours everyday.

And if the EP isn’t enough for you then the latest track “Welcome Home” will keep you tripping balls in the meantime.

Meantime, here’s the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 03 August 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • JAINS MIND – Life, Here And Now
  • GIL SCOTT-HERON – Whitey On The Moon (The Munk Machine Remix)
  • LONE – How Can You Tell
  • PEREL – Karlsson (Bloody Mary Cat’s On Acid Remix)
  • KOOL AID – Indie Smack Talk *
  • WEEPING ICON – Ripe for Consumption
  • LE PRINCE HARRY – Lurking
  • OLYMPIA – Wrong Number
  • MEDAL – I.M.L
  • SUMI SAUCE – Experimenting
  • KAPITAN – Album Song
  • KELLY MORAN – Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds
  • FÉLICIA ATKINSON – Shirley to Shirley
  • 2XM – Purple Sky
  • PURPLEMAN – Purple
  • JACKAL THE BLACKAL – Barcode [Prod. By SPVCED]
  • IRIE MONA – Skuff Island
  • KHRUANGBIN – Cómo Te Quiero (Scientist Dub)
  • G SUDDEN – BunOut (SKRS Prod.)
  • I JAHBAR – Ipy Ipy (Duppy Gun Prod.)
  • MEKINE U TEKSI – Exile Emotive
  • QNETE & CARMEL – Forest Magic
  • PERM – Quewupp
  • COPPER GREEN SEDAN – Pedestrian (Desert Sound Colony’s Stripped & Dipped Edit)
  • TERROR OF THE DEEP – The Smell of Summer

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: You’re Gonna Miss Me

Unfortunately, this is the second eulogy show in a row. Last week’s dedicated to Mark Banfield, this week’s dedicated to Roky Erickson.

We do have to acknowledge the source of the clips stitching today’s playlist together – so a big thank you to Larry Grogan and his “Testify! Pays Tribute to Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators” radio show.

Direct download: The Joint – 15 June 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • LONELADY – Cries And Whispers
  • GIRL BAND – Shoulderblades
  • !!! – Off The Grid
  • FRANKIE BONES – Just As Long As I Got You  (Club Mix)
  • CARDI B – Press
  • BAS – Fried Rice (Featuring Jid)
  • BLANCK MASS – House Vs. House

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – Bull Of The Woods Radio Commercial (1969)

  • DENZEL CURRY – P.A.T. (featuring PlayThatBoiZay)
  • VIVIANKRIST – Blue Iron
  • ORIELLES, THE – Bobbi’s Second World (Live @ Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2019)
  • ZÉ DA LUA – Ulungu Wami (The Busy Twist Remix)
  • DEATH AND VANILLA – A Flaw In The Iris
  • AMBER MARK – What If
  • JK FLESH – In Your Pit (The Bug Remix)
  • DENZEL CURRY – Birdz (Featuring Rick Ross)

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – American Bandstand Interview (1966)

  • JONES, THE – Hey Mina (Foul)
  • FROTH – 77
  • FELICIA ATKINSON – Moderato Cantabile
  • $TAR$EED – Life And Time$ Of A Dalla$ Drug Dealer
  • WIVES – Workin’
  • SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – Thankful N’ Thoughtful

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – Larry Kane Show (1967)

  • LEGENDURY BEATZ X MR EAZI – Zanku Leg Riddim (Mr Real Version)
  • GRACE IVES – Mirror
  • POSTHUMAN – Airwave Uranium
  • GIRL IN RED – Dead Girl In The Pool.
  • TEI SHI – A Kiss Goodbye
  • BLUE GAS – Shadows From Nowhere (Manu•archeo There Are Shadows Because There Are Hills Extended Edit)
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