Benga “Baltimore Clap”

Damn. Can’t believe I missed this first time round.

I gave the Benga album “Phaze One” a thrashing for a few weeks when it got released (June?) then clean forgot about it.

Didn’t realise there was a freaky video for “Baltimore Clap”. Exhilarating, captivating and depressing all at the same time!

The show: Saturday 2 October 2010 – “Post Dubstep” addendum

A Post About Post Dubstep
A Post About Post Dubstep

I now feel comfortable having used the term “Post Dubstep” on yesterday’s show, so I’m retracting the offer to give me a good kicking the next time you see me. The comfort comes from having Paul Morley uttering the same phrase in the introduction to his latest edition of Showing Off.

Within the many multi-media elements that make up this particular episode, which is dedicated to Dubstep, there is an extended interview with Joint favourite Jah Wobble where links are made between brie cheese and Miles Davis.