The Show: This is the Christmas special

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for pointing us to The Divine David clip

It’s a small drop in an ever expanding ocean of Christmas compilations (“mix” does seem too professional a word for this collection of tunes), but after ten years it seemed as good a time as any to add another 2 hours to the sum total of festive mp3 collections.

You can play or download it below with total peace of mind at whatever family gathering you have planned today, it’s guaranteed elderly relative friendly (well, apart from The Toilet track and maybe The Rebel stuff).

If you don’t trust us help yourself instead to some presents from The Klaxons and Gorillaz, who are both releasing new material later today and / or Christmas Day UK time. In the case of former it’s a free download, in the case of the latter it’s an online stream only (unless you fork out to join the Sub Division Fanclub).

Klaxons – Landmarks Of Lunacy EP

Gorillaz – The Fall Album

+ Download The Joint Christmas Mix 2010 – 110Mb

  • T-REX-Xmas Flexi Message (Fan Club 45)
  • BASEMENT 5-Last White Christmas
  • MICROPENIS-Happy Christmas Stalin
  • SOUL SAINTS ORCHESTRA-Santa’s Got Bag Of Soul
  • THE VICHY GOVERNMENT-Christmas Is Cancelled
  • SAINT ETIENNE-Christmas 1936
  • ASOBI SEKSU-Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)
  • WAX AUDIO-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  • PSYCHIC TV-White Nights
  • SUFJAN STEVENS-Come On! Let’s Boogey To The Elf Dance!
  • KURTIS BLOW-Christmas Rappin’
  • THE TOILET-All I Want For Christmas Is Shit
  • GO HOME PRODUCTIONS-Carpenters Christmas (Karen Meets Roots Radics Uptown)
  • WEIRD TAPES-Christmas Break
  • THE FALL-No Xmas For John Quays (John Peel Session)
  • GRANDADDY-Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland
  • THE WAITRESSES-Christmas Wrapping (Original 12″ Long Version)
  • THE O’JAYS-Christmas Ain’t Christmas, New Years Ain’t New Years Without The One You Love
  • THE LOVELY EGGS-Tyrannosaurus Rex For Christmas
  • THE REBEL-Christmas Every Day
  • JOY ZIPPER-Christmas Song
  • CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND-There Ain’t No Santa Claus On The Evenin’ Stage
  • THE GOLDEN FILTER-White Nights
  • SWEAR-All I Want For Christmas
  • POLY STYENE-Black Christmas
  • THREE BLIND MICE-Merry Christmas
  • WALKMEN-No Christmas While I’m Talking
  • C.W. STONEKING-On A Christmas Day
  • FLEET FOXES-White Winter Hymnal
  • JAMES BROWN-Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year Pts 1 & 2
  • THE WILD SWANS-The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years
  • VINCE GUARALDI TRIO-Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental)
  • WILD MAN FISCHER-I’m A Christmas Tree

The (no) show: 20 years ago today


John Peel
Merry Christmas From Peel Acres

It was supposed to be Fraserhead’s turn to be the one out of town this week but a combination of overrunning work projects, North Island tropical downpours and Air New Zealand engineering problems prevented The Herb Whisperer from managing to do even one hour of the show today.

The plan had been to spread some Christmas cheer by rebroadcasting John Peel’s Festive Fifty from 1990 in some sort of Joint / Vintage Cuts hybrid model. However to fit it all into our 3 hour show, Peel voice breaks and all, would have meant chopping it down to the top 35 songs. Instead we are able to post almost the entire show here instead.

We say almost, because Festive Fifties from this long ago only survive because they were recorded on cassettes. Inevitably the quality is variable and at points the tape would run out so, if you weren’t on hand to quickly flip over the cassette or replace it with a fresh one, parts of the broadcast would be lost (i.e. #’s 41 – 39 in this case)

Also, many thanks to Matt Hemens from Hauswerk, who was able to cover the first hour of The Joint with his Summer 2010 Trance Mix

+ Download John Peel’s 1990 Festive Fifty – 50-32 93MB

+Download John Peel’s 1990 Festive Fifty – 31-14 92MB

+Download John Peel’s 1990 Festive Fifty – 13-01 91MB