Ed Muzik “A Song Falls in the Woods”

In case you missed it here’s the new video for Ed Muzik’s “A Song Falls In The Woods”.

Bit gutted because we were meant to be in the “audience” scene and finally get our 15 seconds of fame.

But we blew it.

Sorry Ed for not returning your calls. We weren’t listening. But your video is probably better for it.

Mulchzoid “Gravy Train”

Mulchzoid aka David Mulcahy Esquire was listening to the show last Saturday afternoon and upon hearing us play Ed Muzik’s “EQC Are Looking At My House” felt compelled to indulge in some one-upmanship by letting us know about his track “Gravy Train” from his brand new (free download) album “Neck”.

Turns out that Mulchzoid very kindly sent us a copy of his album a while back but The Herb Whisperer has got the EQC painters in and the album is AWOL somewhere in his house.

Download Mulchzoid’s “Neck” album for yourself. It’s free and legit. And it has some lovely pop numbers like “The Saladeater” (with Neu basslines) and “Punch Drunk Giddy” (with Robert Palmer “Addicted to love” intro action).

Best of all, “Darkness Sublime”, first single off the album, might just be my favourite song of 2011 so far. Sneakily it has two videos, one for the US MTV market and one for the Al Jazeera Middle East market. Both videos are below and I’ll let you figure out which video is designed for which market.

Ed Muzik “EQC Are Looking At My House”

Ed Muzik Hates It.

You could call it a parody, but to be honest it really does sum up life in Christchurch for many people post-earthquake.

Download it here: http://music.edmuzik.co.nz/track/eqc-are-looking-at-my-house

From the brand new album Hates It.

Strangely enough, the LCD Soundsystem “Daft Punk is playing at my house” video eerily predicts the urban decay and red / yellow / green placard aesthetic of post-earthquake Christchurch. Spooky. See below for evidence…

Tally Ho! presents “Radikool Emotionz”

Tally Ho! presents Radikool Emotionz

Those crazy kids over at Tally Ho! magazine have put out a FREE compilation called Radikool Emotionz featuring 17 tracks from their favourite local bands.

Been listening to it all morning and enjoying the fuzzed out angular guitars. Stand out tracks so far are from T54, O’Lovely, Secret Knives, and Psychic Powers but to be honest every listen reveals something new.

Nice to hear that a new generation likes the swirling guitar sounds of My Bloody Valentine (keeping in my mind that many of these kids wouldn’t have been born or would have been toddlers when “Loveless” was released). Also reminds me of the “Avalanche” era in Christchurch music. Fantastic stuff!!!

In Christchurch you can pick up free copies from: Galaxy Records, Real Groovy, Cosmic Corner, MAINZ and C1.

If in Wellington or Auckland try your favourite record shop.

If that fails contact Tally Ho! direct and beg for a copy.

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