Barcelona win. We lose our life savings. The party at Chateau Marmont is off.

Man Utd play for 9 minutes of the European Cup Final. Barcelona score to make it 1-0. Exhibition of creative and dominating Catalan midfield wizardry follows. Another Barca goal to end it 2-0. Sadly not the 7-6 we predicted. Even more sadly, all our life savings went on that sure bet. Hence no big party for us all at Chateau Marmont, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Speaking of which, Chateau Marmont is also the name of a rather tasty French synth outfit. They’ve remixed the likes of Ladyhawke, Koko von Napoo, and La Roux and end of last year released their debut EP “Solar Apex” on Institubes. Definitely one for fans of Air, Jean Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Moroder, and Giorgio Jarre.

The show: Using music to predict the result for the European Cup final.

Chateau Marmont
Chateau Marmont work hard on predicting the result of the Champions League final.

Indulge us. Please. For a minute. Punchline (sort of) coming…

This Wednesday night/Thursday morning (depending where you are in the world) sees the 2009 European Cup Final (annoyingly called the Champions League for the last 17 years) between FC Barcelona and Manchester United, arguably the two best football teams currently on the planet, and each boasting potential world players of the year.

The Herb Whisperer swears that this is the most excited he has been about a football match in years.

It’s a difficult match to predict. Will it be a goalless affair or a feast of goals? More importantly, how are we going to bet on this match and try to make up for the debacles of our poor betting records for the last few World Cups and European Championships?

Inspiration came in the form of playing Barcelona producer John Talabot‘s “Naomi” back to back with Manchester outfit Delphic‘s “Counterpoint”.

Because the former is 7 something minutes long and the latter is 6 something minutes long we have decided to put our life savings on Barcelona winning 7-6. In extra time.

With those sorts of winnings we’ll be able to throw a big party for all of you at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles sometime soon. The invitations will be mailed out next Friday. Looking forward to seeing you there.

If we lose the bet, it’s our equivalent of burning a million quid, just like what The K Foundation did in 1994

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