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The Show: Nice and gentle does it.

But loud and taut does it equally as well.

If you’re at a loose end this evening please allow us to recommend a few events worth braving the cold for.

Hauswerk presents disco don and house connoisseur Frank Booker at Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead. Free entry, starting at 9pm going through till 3am. Fraserhead will be the guy in the sleeping bag in the corner trying to build up his staying power. PS: Thank you Hauswerk’s Dan Veitch for not laughing at Fraserhead’s laughable mixing skills.

Massive presents Winter Soulstice 2012, multi-zone epicness, tonight out at Kowai Bush, Springfield. If you feel like doing a bass filled all-nighter then have a peek here for details.

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

+ Download 12pm – 1pm – 91MB

1pm – 2pm

+ Download 1pm – 2pm – 88MB


The Show: Goth-awful

Last Wednesday was World Goth Day, a global Unesco initiative sponsored by The Illuminati and Estee Lauder. The aim of the day is to take the world’s mind off dubstep and also to sell more candles, red wine, and eye liner.

Today we discovered that The Herb Whisperer went through an 8 month Goth phase during 1986. The Goth binge climaxed in the form of a Sisters of Mercy gig and shortly after The Herb Whisperer lost interest hence avoiding Gothageddon. But he still has a place in his heart for The Rose Of Avalanche, especially the classic “L.A. Rain”…

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

+ Download 12pm – 1pm – 87MB

1pm – 2pm

+ Download 1pm – 2pm – 87MB