The Show: The President Of New Zealand

Direct download: The Joint – 4 November 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • GRIZZLY BEAR  –  Two Weeks (Chopnotslop Remix)
  • AKCEPT  –  Dreader Than Dread
  • EL PAN BLANCO  –  Corredor Callejero
  • SNAPPED ANKLES  –  Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin
  • YUMI ZOUMA  –  December (Chad Valley Remix)
  • GALATÉE  –  Paris
  • PYE CORNER AUDIO  –  Untitled
  • MGMT  –  Little Dark Age
  • RAKTA  –  Rodeados Pela Beleza
  • SHIRLEY ELLIS  –  The Name Game
  • CCFX  –  Venetian Screens
  • SPACEHEADS  –  The Revolution Sashays Up The Mall

The New Washington*

  • AMINE  –  Squeeze
  • EARTHGANG  –  Artificial
  • A THOUSAND HOURS  –  French Disko
  • 48 CHAIRS  –  Snap It Around
  • ORIELLES, THE  –  Let Your Dogtooth Grow
  • SEAMS, THE  –  Lemonade
  • [ WEX 10 ]  –  Belgium Vision (Original Mix)
  • DJRUM  –  Showreel Pt2
  • KREPT & KONAN  –  Ask Flipz (featuring Stormzy)
  • ROOTS MANUVA  –  Don’t Breathe Out
  • SITCOM  –  Shop ‘Til U Drop (featuring Jennifer Vanilla)
  • LEE RANALDO  –  Uncle Skeleton
  • SMOOKY MARGIELAA  –  Stay’100
  • SEXUAL OBJECTS, THE  –  Sometimes (Boards Of Canada Remix)

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: RIP Iain Banks (1954 – 2013)

Iain Banks

There are chardonnay socialists. And there are champagne socialists. And there are also vintage champagne socialists. But there are not many single malt socialists.

Iain Banks was one of the latter. His sharp wit, incredible imagination, fierce criticism of Tory ideology, defence of the underdog, unashamed appreciation of Porsche 911s and BMW M5s, and whisky research will be sorely missed.

While I tend to prefer Iain Banks “mainstream” fiction something I love about his science fiction novels, those featuring the utopian civilisation “The Culture”, is the absurd, silly and playful names he gave to the ships’ minds. See a full list on Wikipedia. So as a nerdy tribute to Mr Banks on the show today we got our robot to read out the registry of ships’ names over some nice Boards of Canada backing beats. Hope it didn’t wig you out too much.

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

+ Download 12pm – 1pm [76MB]

1pm – 2pm

+ Download 1pm – 2pm [80MB]