The Show: Thoughts and prayers…

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 04 June 2022

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • JASON SELVIG OF THE GOOD LIARS – Thoughts and Prayers (National Rifle Association Conference 2022) *
  • PEREL – Kill The System
  • JOSHUA JAMES – Fist (feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty)
  • CARAMEL SMOOTH HEAVEN – Pull me in (feat. Jess Aspinwall)
  • CURSES – Made in Shade
  • MOGWAI – Boltfor
  • MAD FRANK – Thank you
  • LÉA SEN – I Feel Like I’m Blue
  • CUTICLES – Afterlife
  • OTOBOKE BEAVER おとぼけビ~バ~ – YAKITORI (ヤキトリ)
  • ALDOUS HARDING – Staring at the Henry Moore
  • BACHELORETTE – Love is the Drug
  • NU GENEA – Bar Mediterraneo
  • TORONJA – Becide
  • SWEET SEBASTIAN – Nowhere to Be
  • MOTORIST – Drip
  • INTEGER – All About You
  • PYTKO – Silent (Bullion Remix)
  • SYD – Out Loud
  • MEDLINE – Soulful Strut
  • 700 BLISS – Nothing To Declare
  • 700 BLISS – Totally Spies (feat. Lafawndah)
  • 700 BLISS – Nightflame (feat. Orion Sun)
  • KODE9 – Torus
  • DANIEL AVERY – Chaos Energy
  • ROZA TERENZI & D. TIFFANY – Spiritual Delusion
  • YABBY YOU & THE PROPHETS – Jah Over I (version)

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

The show: DatA. Auto-Tune.

We haven’t figured out if he is officially DatA or datA or DaTa or Data or dAtA. Usually this mixed-case fetish would ring alarm bells and play havoc with our nerdy iTunes naming conventions but David Guillon has just released the funnest, guilty pleasure of an electro album for 2009 in the form of “Skywriter”.

Maybe the sugar rush will wear off but loved it so much had to play three tracks on the show today. Love the wailing guitars and emo sentiments (“Rapture”), vocoders (“So much in love”), and even more wailing guitars and synth stabs (“Renaissance Theme”).

Can’t believe we made it through that last paragraph without once mentioning Alan Braxe, Fred Falke or Justice.

More info about DatA at:

Possibly the weirdest and most disturbing track we played on the show today was “Baako” by DJ Champion. The track features heavy use of a sample of a baby crying – run through Auto-Tune software.

Jace Clayton recently wrote about the Auto-Tune phenomenon in “Pitch Perfect” in Frieze magazine. Auto-Tune first gained mainstream fame/infamy with Cher’s 1998 single “Believe”. North African musicians have embraced it for the last decade to bizarre effect. Many music critics now blame it for the world’s social ills. But Jace Clayton argues a really good “defence” for its use – it’s just another technology that can be used well or misused. James Marcus also covers the issue nicely in his House of Mirth blog.

Still doesn’t beat the fun and silliness of an old school vocoder though.

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

Download here

1pm – 2pm

Download here

2pm – 3pm

Download here

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