The Show: Dead white men’s notes.

Another week and another music documentary to recommend.

“Sisters With Transistors” charts the (relatively) unheralded female pioneers of electronic music. From Clara Rockmore’s mastery and development of the theremin to the earsplitting drones of Maryanne Amacher, it’s the story of women who wanted to do more than “push around dead white men’s notes”.

It only seemed right and proper to include a couple of tunes from the soundtrack in today’s playlist, to wit: Laurie Spiegel and Space Lady.

All interspersed with excerpts from Chris Addison’s recent Bugle appearance.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 15 May 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • PARIS TEXAS – Situations
  • LSDXOXO – The Devil
  • POP UP! – Another lonely night…
  • DATBLYGU – Casserole Efeilliaid
  • CHEMICAL BROTHERS – The Darkness That You Fear
  • THE VISION – Liberation Radio
  • HÉCTOR BARREIRO – Hare Tripla

Chris Addison – The Queen

  • LAURIE SPIEGEL – Appalachian Grove 1 *
  • TASNEEM – All Your Cousins (Dave Sharma Remix)
  • LIARS – Sekwar
  • LEO BHANJI – Damaged
  • BALTRA – Baby

Chris Addison – Tories

  • THE SPACE LADY – Synthesize Me *
  • 03CAS – MOSCOW
  • SCREAM AND DANCE – In Rhythm
  • POiSON GiRL FRiEND – Nobody
  • GIRL IN RED – hornylovesickmess
  • NIGHT LUNCH – House Full Of Shit
  • DUA LIPA – We’re Good

Chris Addison – Monkey Humans

  • SORRY – Cigarette Packet
  • REXY – Don’t Turn Me Away
  • COLA BOYY – Kid Born In Space (featuring Andrew VanWyngarden)
  • so badly – Harley Davidson
  • TONY ALLEN – Cosmosis (featuring Ben Okri, Skepta)
  • BIIG PIIG – Lavender
  • SADE – Why Can’t We Live Together (intro)
  • СВІТЛАНА ОХРІМЕНКО – III Episode From Original Performed Soundtrack Transilvania Smile

The Show: So many holes…

There’s room to stretch out on today’s show which means we can finally play the whole 25+ minutes of “Blue” Gene Tyranny’s odd but compelling but soothing “Out Of The Blue…” track from 1978. Possibly the longest single song The Joint has ever played and likely to stay that way until The Herb Whisperer summons up the courage to dedicate half an hour to one of those John Coltrane live skronks.

Direct download: The Joint – 29 June 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • EQUIKNOXX  –  Brooklyn
  • PENANCE HALL  –  Covered In Shit
  • RANGE, THE  –  Metal Swing (Alternative Edit)
  • GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW  –  Brokenfolks
  • JUDEE SILL  –  The Kiss
  • VANISHING TWIN  –  Magician’s Success
  • DJ CHUCK CHILLOUT & KOOL CHIP  –  Rhythm Is The Master
  • LIFE  –  Hollow Thing
  • PHIL KIERAN & DOUGLAS MCCARTHY  –  Fall Rise (Eastern Mix)
  • KASPER MAROTT  –  Drømmen Om Ø (Forever Mix ’19)
  • MINA  –  One Leg (featuring Bryte)
  • LAURENCE GUY  –  My Brain Is A Scrambled Egg

Excerpt from The Bugle 4113*

  • LADY VENDREDI  –  Let Go
  • FLY PAN AM  –  Distance Dealer
  • FONTANA MIX  –  From A Speeding Car
  • PEDRINHO  –  Odio Sem Valor (Cabo Verde)
  • JAH THOMAS  –  Dance Pon The Corner
  • PATIO  –  Vile Bodies
  • UGLY, THE  –  Quiet Explosion
  • GRACE FILES  –  Leah
  • “BLUE” GENE TYRANNY  –  Out Of The Blue / A Letter From Home About Sound And Consciousness

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading and the punchline for our favourite joke of the year courtesy of Alice Fraser