The Dux de Lux RounDUp 2010

The Dux de Lux RounDUp 2010 heats are on this weekend down at the Dux de Lux. There’s a record number of entries despite these earthquake stricken times. Too many bands to list here so have a peek at the Facebook page for full details. Saturday heats start at 9.45am and run until 6pm. Sunday heats start at 10am and run until 6pm.

Semi final #1 – Thursday 11 November
Semi final #2 – Friday 12 November
Semi final #3 – Friday 19 November
Semi final #4 – Saturday 20 November
GRAND FINAL – Saturday 27 November

“Trash” – this Friday night at Goodbye Blue Monday

Hairdresser On Fire presents: TRASH

Come dance to the ‘sound of the streets’ this Friday night at Goodbye Blue Monday.

DJs Hairdresser On Fire, The Herb Whisperer, and Wilde Oscillation bring you a mix of trashy sounds from then to now. We’re talking indie / punk / electro / rock.

TRASH - Goodbye Blue Monday - Friday 23 July 2010

It’s been quite a while since his last public DJ appearance so The Herb Whisperer has been gearing up for this gig method-acting style by watching David “RamJam” Rodigan videos. You have been warned. Should be a good night…

24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE this Friday night

24 Hour Party People - Friday 23 April 2010 at Goodbye Blue Monday, Christchurch, New Zealand

Don’t forget to stick 24 Hour Party People in your diary. It happens this Friday night 10pm at Goodbye Blue Monday.

DJ Mark “Hairdresser on Fire” Catley will be playing the Stones to the Stone Roses, The Kinks to Kinky Afro, ABC to XX plus all the other english indie that will get you up moving… Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, Suede, Pulp, Elastica, Blue, Oasis, Bloc Party, PIL, Primal Scream, etc etc.

Ladyhawke and aubergines

Ladyhawke, our favourite electro Shona Laing tribute artist, is touring NZ late September early October (gig details at Under The Radar).

We’ll be at the Christchurch gig, Tuesday 3 November at The Bedford, in the moshpit dressed up as aubergines (or eggplants). Actually, we won’t really. The Herb Whisperer despises eggplant and apparently Ladyhawke is allergic to them, hence the connection he feels with Ladyhawke, a connection he first discovered when in London back in August. See the London Lite story below…

Source: London Lite, 26 August 2009
Source: London Lite, 26 August 2009