Manic Street Preachers Debut TV Appearance – Video Special #3

Another week, another pile of digitally archived Memorex VHS cassettes.

This is the second episode of the second series of the Snub TV and aired in, ummmm, 1991?

Making their TV debut are a young, cheeky Manic Street Preachers full of piss and vinegar but avoiding eye contact in an endearing adolescent way – “I’d rather never have to do more than 50 (concerts) in my whole life”, “We’ll never write a love song (or ballad) ever”.

Their feature starts at the 11:20 mark. Although it’s available elsewhere on t’internet in isolation, I like the context that the whole show provides.

Their peers in the same programme? Dinosaur Jr, Spirea X, The Pixies, The Darkside, The Scientist and Front Line Assembly.

Fatboy Slim’s Debut TV Appearance… From 1986 – Video Special #2

Continuing the exploration of the pile of VHS cassettes that litter the Joint Mansion during our own personal Earthquake Recovery Process.

I think this mini Housemartins documentary was originally broadcast as part of BBC 2’s “Rock Around The Clock” music marathon on Saturday September 20th 1986. It might be horrifically twee and horribly dated but it has one saving grace (well, two if you include the performance of “Think For A Minute”). At just over the 3 minute mark there is footage of an impossibly young Norman Cook trying to mash up The Clash and Run DMC on a primitive looking pair of turntables.

For want of a better headline, I’m calling it Fatboy Slim’s debut TV appearance – nearly 10 years before he was even a gleam in Norman’s own eye.

The Way They Were – Video Special #1

As I begin to sort through all the boxes on the floor that have acted as my storage system in post-earthquake Christchurch, it’s time to make some hard choices – should it stay or should it go?

In the case of VHS cassettes the answer seems to be – go, but not before I digitize some of the contents. And then upload them.

So here’s the first in an occasional series of videos that don’t seem to be available elsewhere on the web.

It’s an early 80’s UK Channel 4 programme hosted by Tony Wilson compiling dozens of live music performances and interviews, all culled from So It Goes and other Granada TV programmes that he had hosted a few years earlier.

The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop, The Fall, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Penetration, Wreckless Eric, Ian Dury, Tom Robinson, Magazine, John Cooper Clarke, XTC and Joy Division, amongst others, are featured. Some of them are making their TV debuts.

The quality can be quite ropey at times (for reasons outside of my control and explained on screen) but enjoy.

Special thanks to the crew at Dangerous Minds, who have already featured the video in one of their posts.

Further fuzzy treats in the coming weeks – the first TV appearance of the Manic Street Preachers and Norman Cook as Fatboy Slim in 1984

Flashback: The JAMS “It’s Grim Up North”

Last night I got jaded with iTunes and instead went rummaging through my crates of CDs. Subconsciously I’m sure I was looking for The KLF’s “Chill Out” album but instead I happened upon The JAMS “It’s Grim Up North”.

Because I’m a cartography nerd (i.e. I like to stare at maps for ages) I love tracks that mention geographical locations. Odd but true. Hence “It’s Grim Up North” is a treasure trove. And as a bonus it was made by my musical heroes Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty. What more could I possibly ask for?

Wikipedia » It’s Grim Up North

Wikipedia » The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu

View the “It’s Grim Up North” locations in a Google map