The Show: Have a capachoochoo on us…

Bit late to the Train Guy party (as always with any meme) but do love Bob Mortimer’s uses of trains or living rooms as stages. Pretty sure it’s #capachoochoo but if you want to say #campachoochoo (but not too obnoxiously) in a public place that’s fine with us too.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 27 March 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • BOB MORTIMER – Train Guy’s Idea Biscuits
  • KŌTIRO – Force Field
  • CHARLOTTE ADIGÉRY – Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)
  • ETARI – Euphoric Disclaimer
  • KATE STEIN – Scenic Byway (Perel Remix)
  • TYGAPAW – Magenta Riddim
  • STEREOLAB – Margerine Rock
  • PRETTY IN PINK – Hypocritter
  • TWIN SHADOW – Johnny & Jonnie
  • BLACK LIGHT SMOKE – Springtime For Rioters
  • DREAMWEAPON – Gloryhole
  • MORGENSOLL – Doomed
  • PINK SIIFU & FLY ANAKIN – Tha Divide feat. Zelooperz, MAVI & Koncept Jack$on (prod. Ewonee)
  • CAT SU DON – Hand Of God
  • KEANU RAVES – Cosmic Jam
  • S’EXPRESS – Hey Music Lover (The Glass Cut)
  • RICHARD SEN – Breaking Away
  • MASAHIRO TAKAHASHI – Dripping Rain
  • IVAN DE LA ROUCH & MIKE SACCHETTI – Cúrame (Amarcord ‘Curami’ Remix)
  • FILTHY HUNS – Bastard’s Quest
  • THE ANTONY EDENS – Evrybdy knws
  • DOUJIN DUKE – It’s Time
  • T.L. BIGELOW – Watercolors

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

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