The Show: If I saw you on the street…

Listen hard to today’s show and you’ll catch a sly throwback to Alvvays’ “Dreams Tonite” in the Saint Jude track.

We’d love to say there’s a rich history of artists deliberately referencing someone else’s lyrics within their own original song. Unfortunately the only other one we can think of is “Hello” by Oasis using a line or two from Gary Glitter and… well… you know… maybe cutting another musician in on your massive royalty cheque is not always the best idea.

Direct download: The Joint – 21 September 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • ALAN PARKER URBAN WARRIOR  –  Grey Fluffy Clouds
  • YACHT  –  (Downtown) Dancing [Rob’s Dub]
  • SAINT JUDE  –  Deaf Ears, Blind Years
  • DAN MASON  –  Go Away
  • HUSKY LOOPS  –  I Think You’re Wonderful
  • DJ BORING  –  Winona
  • TVAM  –  No Silver Bird
  • AUTOMATIC  –  Calling It
  • DRY CLEANING  –  Sit Down Meal
  • DANIEL AVERY  –  Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes (Haai’s Vocal Rework)
  • BULLS BLOOD  –  Novocaine
  • PAPA JAMES  –  Ngôma Hoe
  • SOLUTION HOURS  –  Kneading
  • RAS G & THE AFRIKAN SPACE PROGRAM  –  One 4 Glk And Elvin
  • LORD DIABOLIK  –  She’s Hot
  • TOR5Y  –  Wala3
  • DJ LAG  –  Uhuru Dis (featuring Moonchild Sanelly)
  • FLAME 2  –  Dive
  • TONES ON TAIL  –  Rain
  • SLEATER-KINNEY  –  The Center Won’t Hold
  • BLACK LOOPS  –  Under The Sea
  • MICHAEL KIWANUKA  –  You Ain’t The Problem
  • OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS  –  The Devil’s Dancers
  • FERNANDO FALCÃO  –  Revoada
  • CHARLI XCX  –  Click (featuring Kim Petras And Tommy Cash)
  • PIP BLOM  –  Freckles

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