The Show: The dishes are piling up, but that’s cool cos at least we’ve got food…

All over the shop today haphazardly and unmethodically covering the pop, psychedelic, chiptuned pop-punk, futuristic-retro pop, old prog, new prog, lo-fi bedroom pop, mardi gras indian, experimental dancehall, footwork/footmahi, ambient electronic and cyberpunk musical sub-genres, to name but a few.

We’re not ones to pick favourites but first cab off the rank today is GOLD MEDAL FAMOUS with possibly the catchiest, happiest, most uplifting and nihilistic song ever written about fading into obscurity (and other things). Have a listen to “It’s a waste of time” below and see if you disagree…

And with that done you can listen to the whole show below…

Direct download: The Joint – 17 August 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • GOLD MEDAL FAMOUS – It’s a waste of time
  • JAINS MIND – Welcome Home
  • CLAIRO – Impossible
  • SUI ZHEN – Matsudo City Life
  • PURPLE PILGRIMS – Ancestors Watching
  • AKSEL & AINO – Brian By The Sea
  • 79RS GANG – Wrong Part of Town
  • CAURAL – Boombox Mask
  • I JAHBAR – Weed Patrol Remix (Blazer Sound Prod.)
  • 100 GECS – gec 2 Ü *
  • THE BOB LAZAR STORY – Two For The Rest
  • GOBLIN – Profondo Rosso
  • SEAHAWKS – 5th World Symphony
  • SFIRE – Sfire 1 (feat. Marcella)
  • LE RUBRIQUE – Children of The 80s
  • BONASFORSA – Elan feat. DELO (DJ Raw Sugar Remix)
  • DEREK & DJLO – Signor Mall
  • DEENA ABDELWAHED – Fdhiha (Dawan remix)
  • QNETE & CARMEL – The Trifecta
  • KASPER BJØRKE – Pazienza
  • ARWEN – Lemon Love
  • GRAPHEINE – Empty Socket

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

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