Julien Dyne “Glimpse”

Too much music. Not enough time. Hence the new Julien Dyne album “Glimpse” passing me by.

Luckily, whenever I visit my brother in Dunedin I always have a look at his CD collection. This is because my bro wins a copy of EVERYTHING that the mighty Radio One gives away on air. This means I always have the perfect opportunity to listen to a bunch of local releases that I may have missed.

Lo and behold, on my most recent visit I saw the Julien Dyne album. So I nicked it and finally listed to it today. Don’t tell my bro.

Good things come to those who wait. Mr Dyne makes fabulous beats. Recommended to you nuts who like Pete Rock, mellow Prefuse 73, Mr Chop, Ta-ku, Fly-Lo et al.

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