The show: Any excuse for some Frank Chickens (and a spot of Stewart Lee)

We’re not sure why people persist in conducting on line polls for the purpose of dishing out honours. They are, after all, just an open invitation for a campaign to distort, rig or correct the results, depending on your point of view. The evidence goes as far back as 1999 when, incredibly, Belle & Sebastian beat out Steps and 5ive to take the prize for Brits Best British Newcomers.

Stewart Lee has his own set of reasons for decrying the Fosters Comedy God awards at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but his throwaway line concerning The Frank Chickens has put them as firm favourites to win, ahead of more familiar names like Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey and Flight Of The Conchords. It’s also given us a chance to dig out some old “We Are Ninja (Not Geisha)” vinyl to play on the show today (as well as an excuse to post Lee’s fantastic political correctness routine).

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

Download 12pm – 1pm here (m4a / aac file)

1pm – 2pm

Download 1pm – 2pm here (m4a / aac file)

Alternatively, this is the raw, unpasteurized version of the show in mp3 format. No chapters, pictures or links. Slightly less quality. Otherwise the audio content is the same as the two files above. The choice is yours…..

Download 12pm – 2pm here (mp3 file)

Karlmarx “The Karlmarx Project”

The Karlmarx Project

Starting off the show at midday today with a selection of tracks from Karlmarx‘s forthcoming album “The Karlmarx Project” – nice, chilled slo-mo cosmic disco.

Karlmarx are brothers Karl McNeill (aka Isaac Aesili ex Solaa) and Mark McNeill (former RDU sound engineer who can read your mind like a book, take your vague idea, and make something better out of it)  are two of the mellowest people you will ever meet.

Karlmarx describe “The Karlmarx Project” as “a soundtrack for a science fiction movie that was never made.” I’m a sucker for soundtracks and what I’ve heard so far sounds like my favourites Dam-Funk, Rekid and Snooze hooking up with Vangelis for a jam.

Not sure when the album gets a release but we’ll keep you posted.