I ♥ Service Records

Service RecordsLong story (not so) short…

Two months ago I decided to treat myself and buy some Lake Heartbeat and Ikons vinyl from the wonderful Service Records in Sweden.

I’m not a vinyl purist by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve developed the expensive habit of trying to buy my favourite singles / EPs / albums on vinyl – more as souvenirs you understand.

Anyway, several weeks ago I noticed that the records hadn’t arrived. The World Cup had distracted me. I emailed Ola at Service and we decided to give the postal system a chance just in case the records were held up (by the World Cup), but no joy.

Somewhere in the world is a freight handler with an epic record collection. F*cking c*nt.

Last week I emailed Ola, kicking myself that I hadn’t paid insurance, but Ola was a true gentleman and sent me a replacement package when he could easily have told me to shove off (I imagine that record companies get scammed all the time for freebies).

Lo and behold my package arrived a few days ago.

Lake Heartbeat (the “Trust in Numbers” LP is on white vinyl!!!) is Janne Kask and Kalla Kaks produced by Dan Lissvik (of Studio). Imagine Prefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon hanging out in Gothenburg during a long hot summer and then hooks up with Johnny Marr for some quiet akvavits and oysters. It’s not to everyone’s taste but I love it. Its sweetness makes my heart melt.

Ikons are from Gothenburg, Sweden and are a trippy, psychedelic, wall of sound. You could forgiven for thinking that “Slow Light” is the highlight but the whole album pins you to the wall wanting more. Like the perfect loud gig that you never want to end.

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