The show: More cowbells

So there I was sifting around some for some classic Yello tracks (didn’t want to play the obvious tracks “Oh yeah” or “The game”) and then I found this gem “Bostich” from 1980 (not 1979 like I said on the show). I’m dead certain that Mark Moore flogged that bassline riff for “Theme from S’Express”. Crazy stuff.

The Herb Whisperer is wondering why he introduced the Dressla song as Instruktah D. Still, what about that Sage Francis song?

And a warning about band names – be careful what you call yourself…

We didn’t set out to play bands with rude words in their names – eg: Holy F*ck, F*kkk Offf, but luckily no K*nt and The Gang – but sometimes those are the cards you’re dealt.

The story about Canadian band Holy Fuck ruffling the Canadian government’s tory feathers really did happen (though it possibly wasn’t the main cause of the cancellation of the PromArt program)…

In August 2008, the Ottawa Citizen and others reported that the ruling federal Conservatives had issued a talking points memo regarding the cancellation of the PromArt program, funding international promotional tours by Canadian artists.

The memo justified the cancellation on the grounds that its recipients included, among other notables, “a rock band that uses an expletive as part of its name”, apparently referring to Holy Fuck.

The band took offense at this suggestion. In an interview, the band said regarding their name: “It’s been pretty annoying, but it’s gotten us a lot of publicity, so we can’t complain about that.”

What with NZ artists enjoying a relatively positive funding run (or gravy train) during the term of the fifth Labour government (1999-2008) there was concern when National came back into power that the funding would dry up. The Nats are prolly too busy with planning mining in national parks and faking tax cuts but if you’re starting a new band and want some NZ on Air funding you might ruin it for everyone else if you call yourself “John Key is a C*nt” or “Bill English s*cks Donkey Balls”. We’d buy your record though.

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