We ♥ Keytars & Violins


Image: Jerrell Conner

Leighton Jones’ excellent Keytars & Violins MP3 blog is my usual starting point when I put together my part of The Joint playlist every week. The brilliant selections of deep techno, deep house, retro disco, and old synth action – mostly from artists and labels I possibly never would have discovered on my own – keep me going back for more.

As well as posting tracks Leighton also posts delicious mixes full of hypnotic tech-house. Perfect stuff for long plane and train rides. Last year I contacted Leighton and asked him if he would like to put together a mix for The Joint. To our delight he was keen to oblige and we played the mix on our 16 January 2010 show.

Download the Keytars & Violins mix for The Joint [MP3 40MB]

  • Abraham – Magpie
  • Mark E – Codsall Juniors
  • Paskal – Sweet Settings
  • John Talabot – Naomi
  • Comtron – C64 Carat (Tom Trago Remix)
  • Idioma – Landscapes (Tim Paris Remix)
  • Geheimtipp – Geheimtipp 3 Side A
  • Ron Geesin – Mominous
  • John Daly – Juno Skies
  • Servi – Laistrygonen

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