Barcelona win. We lose our life savings. The party at Chateau Marmont is off.

Man Utd play for 9 minutes of the European Cup Final. Barcelona score to make it 1-0. Exhibition of creative and dominating Catalan midfield wizardry follows. Another Barca goal to end it 2-0. Sadly not the 7-6 we predicted. Even more sadly, all our life savings went on that sure bet. Hence no big party for us all at Chateau Marmont, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Speaking of which, Chateau Marmont is also the name of a rather tasty French synth outfit. They’ve remixed the likes of Ladyhawke, Koko von Napoo, and La Roux and end of last year released their debut EP “Solar Apex” on Institubes. Definitely one for fans of Air, Jean Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Moroder, and Giorgio Jarre.

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