The beginning

<pssst… cheating here. a retrospective post made 2 April 2016 because we never published anything on the date the show start… >

The Joint started in July 2001 when Fraserhead and The Herb Whisperer both realised they were spending far too much money on records and downloading far too much music to be able to listen to it all.

They decided it was time to share the gems they were discovering with as many people as possible via the radio.

Those were the days of printed music newspapers, Napster, and CDRs.

We can’t remember the exact date we started the show (pick any Sunday you like from July 2001) and we didn’t really keep any notes from the early days because we weren’t too sure how long we would be doing the show for.

The earliest playlist we can find is from 5 January 2002.

The first blog was 13 July 2002.

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